Self-Care Essentials

From crafted delicacies and creative outlets, to soothing solutions to make a pandemic a little more bearable, self-care items are the perfect gift this year. We may have panned 2020 on Yelp (do not recommend), but these Olympia region retailers get five stars for coming through with exactly what everyone needs right now.








Bittersweet Chocolates

In heaven and during a pandemic, calories don’t exist, so don’t hold back on the fancy sweets this year. Bittersweet Chocolates offers handcrafted, artisan chocolates made from the finest local, natural and organic ingredients. Plus, they’re bloody gorgeous. A Bittersweet gift will be savored like the distant memory of Aunt Edna’s maple-bacon yams, or sleep.

Community foundation of South puget sound

It’s 2020, y’all. There’s never been a better time to up your giving game. Join in as our Thurston, Mason and Lewis county communities come together for Give Local 2020, November 9-20. Our local nonprofits need your love and support, now more than ever. Giving will never feel so good.

Country Corner Market

Comfort food should definitely be at the top of the gift list this year. Think beyond tater tots and peanut M&Ms. Give healthy, refreshing and local. Country Corner Market in Rochester is your hookup for fresh local honey and raw cow and goat milk that will pair perfectly with a 2 a.m. Oreo fix.  

Encore Chocolates and Teas

Baby, it’s COVID outside. Encore Chocolates and Teas has just the right loose-leaf wellness blend to chase away the chill and invite some inner calm. Let your loved ones sip on Sunset in Olympia or Peach Serenity, or cut to the chase with a package of loose-leaf Stress Relaxation. To ease your holiday-shopping stress, Encore will ship your gift selection for free.



A gift of essentials will be a big hit this year, especially when it packs a relaxation wallop. Fresh, floral, clean and calm, lavender essential oil from family owned Miller Lavender Farm is so much more than a pretty scent. A few drops on a pillowcase, in the bath or massaged into weary temples will dissolve any pandemic worry. Order for pickup at the Olympia Farmer's Market



With extra time on our hands this year, creating is king and soothing for the soul. Shipwreck Beads has a boatload of gift ideas in its 22,000-square-foot Lacey showroom for the crafters and designers in your life. And with literally billions of beads stocked from floor to ceiling, it’s a much better visual than our current car wreck.

Wild Heart Sipping Vinegars

Shopping for a creative mixologist? Sipping vinegars from Wild Heart will turn any cocktail or craft brew on its head. Choose from a bounty of flavors, from festive cranberry for heightened holiday cheer, to mango orange chili pepper that will flip a hazy IPA or pilsner to a shandy that’s second to none. Wild Heart’s vinegars also add zip to salads and desserts, but whatever.

Shopping local is more important than ever